24 lessons to learn before you turn back into a pumpkin (part 1)

image-634-pizza-box-bad-2008-09-15“It’s almost midnight. It’s time I found my bearings.”

“I’ll be twenty-five years old in three months.”

“Because there aren’t enough posts about this yet.”

“Because the evening.”

Found items
1. Find yourself.

2. Lose yourself…but this is somehow different.

3. Find yourself wishing you had made that trip to Southeast Asia/Quebec City, and read about it in your old best friend’s blog.

4. Master the art of crafting a status with an Albert Camus quote.

5. Find a life book. “If we had a keen vision and feeling of all ordinary human life, it would be like hearing the grass grow and the squirrel’s heart beat, and we should die of that roar which lies on the other side of silence.” – George Eliot

By the time you’re 25, you should be able to (it’s like a lesson plan):

6. Find your phone with help from a friend.

7. Summon the courage to refer to a song by singing the melody because you don’t remember the artist or the lyrics.

8. Buy the right kind of eggs. Remember that scraping open styrofoam packaging makes you wince.

9. Enjoy a pizza without the shame of trying to close the box again with both the little folds in the right place when everyone is watching.

10. Persuade everyone to read all 750 pages of your life book, so that you’ll have something you can talk about with them.

Accept that…

11. You can’t close a box of pizza. So focus on getting your hands dirty by opening it up and then finding a friend who can close the box. Never let on…

12. People have different reading lists and this doesn’t mean that not everyone can be your friend.

13. In a similar way, not everyone has been to Yosemite, but your closest friends will know what you’re talking about when you say you’ve spent many a half hour in the backseat watching your parents try to find a place to park outside of Curry Village.

14. Times spent alone–on a train to the next village, in the dry edge of a forest, shivering but waiting outside to catch the last glow of an unspectacular sunset–has shaped you more than you often remember.

15. You might someday learn to play the guitar.


16. Discover that pizza isn’t just about the box. This goes for eggs too.

17. Discover your mad respect for Dorothea until she actually decides to fall for Will Ladislaw.

18. Until you realize you’ve identified more with Reverend Fairbrother all along.

19. Discover that rain has a luxurious sound.

20. And that ice is just water. (I learned that when I was three.)

21. That people don’t even always like the movie Dan in Real Life. Where did my friends come from?

22. That “Maybe I couln’t imagine being jealous because I couldn’t imagine being in love.” – G.P.

23. That our struggle is not against flesh and blood.

And finally,

24. That love, like time, is both costly and immeasurably free.