Birthday Wishes


I’m planning a birthday, and these are some of my ideas.

I mean, I need to top last year’s “Funky-fourth tri-tip-tastic birthday extravaganza” somehow.

10. Doughnuts are us

9. Super smashed brothers
It’s all word play anyways.

8. The Hops Room (think “Sierra Nevada” Chico, CA)

7. The Lifted Veil or “Pick your favorite gothic tale (from this list)!”

6. Don’t Think Twice It’s Alright
where I’m bound/I can’t tell

5. Anything BUT Socks

4. Meat-packing freezer

3. Place value cake
There have to be candles that double as base-ten blocks.

2. Let’s Pre-game Natalie’s Wedding!

1. “I’ll have ice cream and a piece of the dessert he just blew on.”
Served with plastic cutlery and an over-thick napkin that doesn’t wipe up frosting very well.

Do you have a birthday celebration coming up? Let me know so I can top yours!


things i have said recently (part 1)


“Eating a quesadilla and thinking of you.”

“Tell her I don’t say, ‘Hi.’ ”

[Holding an upside-down banana peel] “Look! It’s an octopus banana.”

“As the song says, commitment is just a ten-letter word.”

Have a good Sunday, everybody. Excuse my self-centeredness, but this is a blog.